About Arugam Bay

About Arugam Bay

Questions and Answers!

1. How much time does it take from the Airport to Arugam Bay? It takes about 8 hours.

2. How much does the taxi cost? About 125$

3. What kind vehicle is it? It's a van and car

4. Is there also public transportation to Colombo? There are also direct busses from Pottuvil to Colombo

5. There are Tuk Tuk service available?... Yes We have all kind of tuk tuk service

6. Is there a ATM in Arugam Bay? Yes there is a ATM besides Wateredge Hotel

7. Do you need reef booties?The main point is reef. To go in and out is sometimes tricky. While you surf it's not a big issue. Up to you. All other sports have sand bottom.

8. Is it possible to get Surf lesson? Yes there are Surf schools but not all are good. We recommend my surf teacher. Ask For Beach Wave Hotel (Manager :Silmir)

9. When is the best swell Season? May, Jun, July, August and September are the strongest months. But you never know.

10. Are there any Surf shops? There are a plenty small shops where you get wax, leash and other hardware. They rent also different boards from softies to shorts. Some of them also repair your ding

11. Is it possible to swim with Kids? At the Southern end of the Bay there are hardly any waves breakig so it's pleasant to swim and take a bath with kids. It's called the Baby-Bay

Don't walk alone at night or at any unattended areas.