The Main Point

This is the main break at Arugam Bay. Some people say its one of the 10 best surf places, we just say its a very very fun wave with long peeling walls. The Point is a right-hand reef break that breaks at the headland in front of Arugam Bay. It is also the best swell magnet of all the points and you can almost always guarantee that the The Point will be a couple of feet bigger than any of the other breaks. It breaks from anything between 2 and 6 feet but tends to max out after 6 foot. On a good day it provides a clean rideable wall that will barrel in the sections and give you a 400-meter ride right through to the inside. "LONG LIVE THE POINT"

Pottuvil Point

Pottuvil Point is every surfers dream tropical wave. A long deserted sandy beach doted with some huge boulders at the waters edge, make this wave a favourite with some of the season veterans. Less crowded because of the 30min. tuk tuk ride north from Arugam Bay,

Pottuvil point provides 800 meter rides from the outside section right through to the beach on the inside.
The unique thing about this wave is that for most of it you can be working a four foot face and be only a few meters from the beach as the wave grinds down the sandy point. The outside section sucks up and throw's out as the swell raps into the point giving a 30 meter wall to work with before it fades as it hits deeper water for about 10 seconds. The wave then tends to double up as it hits a shallow sand bottom section that will have you hanging in there for all you worth just to try and make the next 40 to 80 meter section. Failure can leave you standing in knee deep water with a mouth full of sand if you manage not to get slammed into one of the boulder's first.If conditions are right and you can make it through this section then the wave peels perfectly meters from the beach for an eternity until it closes out in the bay and you begin the long walk back. Pottuvil Point needs a decent size swell before it starts working at all and a large swell before the middle section is makeable.If The Point at Arugam is 6 foot, Pottuvil will be 4. "THIS WAVE IS A LEGEND"

Elephant Rock

This is the smallest of the three points, and you need a medium to large swell for Elephant Rock to work at all. When the point is 6 foot then Elephant Rock will be 3 foot.

It is however a perfect wave for the beginner or long board enthusiastic. A suckey take-off section over sand leads on to a long wall that breaks right down the point for about 400 meters much like inside Pottuvil Point. It's very popular by surf schools so every wave will be a party wave:).

Bring lots of water and make sure that your tuk-tuk driver is there to pick you up after a session and a cool walk back around the rock.